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QuizUp app

Could QuizUp Trump Facebook?

Þorsteinn Friðriksson from Plain Vanilla, creators of the question game app QuizUp, says it is possible QuizUp could be the next Facebook. “That would be amazing and it is possible. Facebook has the size but not the momentum. Nobody under 15 is on Facebook today.”

Surtsey eruption

Surtsey Island Continues to Develop

Geothermal heat levels have increased under the western part of Surtsey island since the last time measures were taken, according to results from the latest scientific expedition to the island last week.

An Icelandic forest.

First All-Icelandic Timber Building Green Lighted

Eymundur Magnússon, farmer at Vallanes in Fljótsdalshérað, East Iceland is going to build a good-old-fashioned Icelandic timber house, which will be the first one ever to be built entirely from Icelandic trees. He had to have the timber specially inspected before a building permit was granted...


Holy Grail Buried in Iceland? We Find Out This Year

The Italian mathematician Giancarlo Gianazza strongly believes he has found clues in Dante’s Divine Comedy that point to the elusive Holy Grail, the vessel Jesus Christ allegedly drank from at the Last Supper, being buried in the highlands of Iceland.

Eve Online

EVE Online Players Helping Nepal

Players of EVE Online, the online multiplayer role playing game from Icelandic company CCP, have collected over USD 68,000 so far to help the Red Cross in earthquake relief work in Nepal.

Hamarsfjörður fjord.

Traces of Lost Continent Found beneath Iceland

Scientists at the University of Oslo, led by geology professor Trond H. Torsvik, believe to have discovered traces of a lost continent in the rock around Öræfajökull, a Vatnajökull outlet glacier, in Southeast Iceland. The region may lie on top of the continent, which used to be part of...

Hellisheiði geothermal power plant

One Hundred Icelanders to Attend Geothermal Congress

Around 100 Icelanders from 11 Icelandic companies will travel to Melbourne, Australia, for the World Geothermal Congress, April 19-24, according to Berglind Steindórsdóttir, exhibition manager at Promote Iceland. Icelandic Minister Industry and Commerce Ragnheiður Elín Árnadóttir will also be...

Sólheimajökull glacier

Icelandic Startup Designs Meter for NASA

Icelandic startup company Star-Oddi, a manufacturer of innovative scientific research tools, designed a measuring equipment used by NASA for studying a lake which lies under the Antarctica icecap. Living microorganisms were found in the lake.


Netflix Officially Coming to Iceland

Sam Film has completed a contract with the entertainments company Netflix, meaning that Iceland can expect to gain legitimate and legal access to Netflix services starting later this year.